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Change “Default Sorting” Dropdown Option to “Sort By Relevance” in WooCommerce

Default sorting is not exactly user-friendly for customers visiting your e-commerce store. For most customers, “Sort by Relevance” is easier to understand, and comes across as "more welcoming" to visitors, particularly those who don't shop online often. Ideally, you...

Automatically Redirect HTTP Website Traffic to HTTPS via .htaccess File

You will, of course, need an SSL website security certificate, but once you have one, you'll want to configure your server so that your visitors and clients are automatically. You can see how this works by typing (http not https) in the...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Frequently Asked Questions

People who are just getting started online tend to have more questions, but even those of us who are experienced might find ourselves pondering about why things are done the way they are, and how we might do things differently with each individual website. Listed...

Improve Your Marketability

A great website is only as great as the marketing behind it. After all, how are people going to be able to enjoy your website when they can’t find it?

Simple Landing Page Design

Josh Robert Nay Web Design, Graphic Design, eCommerce, and Writing Designing a landing page for your website is very important in creating an engaging experience for your customers. Josh Robert Nay has designed and is designing landing pages for, Well...

New Logo for Well Prepared

Today, I finished the brand new logo for my client, Well Prepared. The logo shown below is the brand new logo, while the logo shown at the top of this post depicts the old logo the company had had in place that was slightly modified by me with a bigger "dot com". This...

HEALTHandMED Product Catalog 2017

This is a PDF of the equipment catalog I edited and helped design for mail- and phone-based orders for HEALTHandMED. It was designed for inclusion in all new customer orders for the 2017 year. The image you see in this post is the cover. You can also download the full...