Listed below are a few choice screenshots of website and graphic design work for Well Prepared. Well Prepared specializes in helping people prepare for any kind of disaster or eventuality, so Josh wanted an intuitive, fresh, vibrant layout that worked without compromise on smartphones, tablets, PCs, or any other device.

The website is a web application that features a responsive layout, intuitive scroll and cart functionality, a fixed header, and even a “click to chat” function.

Josh worked with Mark Axelson, the owner of Well Prepared, starting in August 2016 to deliver web design, SEO, and social network marketing for the company. Home Page (Top)

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This is the first thing customers see if they visit As you can see the web page design offers a clean, vibrant layout based on the Divi design. The website is WooCommerce and WordPress based and utilizes a combination of JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, PHP, and other technologies. Sporting a full-width slider that shows the top products and pages, the site looks good and loads quickly — both very important for providing not only the best experience for customers, but for search engine optimizations as well. Home Page (Middle)

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WooCommerce and WordPress design

Scroll down the page a little (first image) and you’re given instant access to the Well Prepared’s featured products and a listing of the site’s most important product categories. The category titles you see in blue are clickable and the prices and reviews are highlighted in blue to stand out from the category titles. The images on the sidebar fade into view as the user scrolls down. As you can also see, the header is always at the top, making navigation simple and fluid. There’s also a featured videos section. In the blank space below the Featured Videos, upcoming events will display if there are any. Scrolling down further (second image) also shows the top products in each category. Home Page (Lower Middle)

WooCommerce and WordPress design
WooCommerce themes and plugins

There’s a brief discription of the website below the featured categories. On the right sidebar, customers also get instant access to the company’s BBB rating, app download links, a product search bar, and image links to Well Prepared’s sister sites. Below this, customers can get a free emergency checklist, event information, and login/signup forms. These forms work alongside the modern, clean layout of the site to make customer sign-up fast, easy, and pleasant. Footer

website footer design example

Just because the footer is on the bottom of the website doesn’t mean it should be treated as an afterthought. The footer for by Josh Robert Nay includes all of the site’s important links on the left, contact information, operating hours, and social networks in the center, and app download links on the right. This makes it easier for the customer to navigate while also putting contact information front and center. Landing Page

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