Design & Marketing Portfolio

I’m not afraid to show my accomplishments! My expertise spans web and graphic design, search engine optimization, and both paid and organic search marketing, offering everything you need to stand apart and be successful online. Just ask my current and previous clients!


The list below consists of clients who have agreed to be featured on my website and does not represent a complete list of previous or current clients.

Alltel / Allied Communications

Now fully absorbed by AT&T and Verizon, Alltel was a national carrier that provided innovative phone service, including game-changing features like MyCircle. I am proud to have been part of this experience not only as a customer service manager, but as a local representative for the company’s online operations in Kansas, helping to manage Google Business listings, sales, and marketing efforts.


BallisticStormShelter has provided bullet-proof ballistic storm shelters to customers since 2016. It’s currently a sub-site of Well Prepared (see below) with its own distinct logo designed by me but could possibly spin off into its own entity at some point in the future. I also did 100% of the SEO for the site from 2018 to 2019 when it was folded into the other site.

Funding Webs

Funding Webs provided free government grant and loan information for individuals and businesses. It was founded in 2008. Funding Webs did not charge for its services and instead focused on directing visitors to different sources of government grant and loan applications. Its content, most of it developed by me, was acquired by another website in 2015.

GForceVibration sells Whole Body Vibration gym fitness exercise machines to consumers and businesses alike. Its website, designed by me, uses an industrial modern design to focus on the strength and reliability of the machines. I also developed 100% of the content on the site.


HEALTHandMED provides a wide range of natural health products for their clients and customers, including Ionic Foot Detox, Far Infrared Saunas, and other natural health products. The company was founded in 2007 and continues providing the best natural health products to this day.


IonizeMe.Net sells ionic detox foot bath machines to help customers maintain their body’s balance and health naturally. The website provides high-end packages so that customers have everything they need to pursue their own healthy lifestyles. IonizeMe.Net continues to provide its clients with ionic foot detox systems to this very day.

Magic Key Productions

Magic Key Productions was founded on March 1, 1984. For over 30 years, Magic Key Productions has been making dreams come true by turning unique poems submitted by hundreds of clients into recorded songs. These songs are available on CDs and as downloadable mp3 files. The company was featured in a popular PBS documentary called “Off the Charts: The Song-Poem Story” in 2003.

Pocket And PC

Pocket And PC was founded in 2008 as 1800PocketPC. In the beginning, the online news outlet published news, reviews, and information about Windows Mobile apps and games. Since 2014, the site has expanded to covering Android, iPhone, and Windows and was rebranded to Pocket And PC.

Shelter in Place

Shelter In Place provides ballistic storm shelters for schools, businesses, and government entities. The original website launched in 2015 designed by Josh Robert Nay and was built on the WooCommerce ecommerce platform.


Space15 (popularly written as space15) was a free online library of poems, short stories, and book excerpts. It was hosted on the CO.NR domain service until it was fully closed following the full acquisition of the NR registry by the Nauru government. Following the closure of the service, the decision was made to shut down space15 itself rather than seek out a new home on the web. At its peak, space15 hosted over 1,000 pieces of content.


Suite101 was a collaborative publishing site based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It formerly generated revenue from advertisements and shared that revenue with contributors; but effective November 1, 2013, that revenue sharing program was terminated as the owners began working on a new project. I honed a great deal of my SEO skills here; the revenue sharing allowed me to easily monitor article performance.

ThatGamingSite was a news website focused on PC and console gaming. The content for the site was lost when its owner abruptly shut down the site and left the business. Since then, the domain was acquired by a college specializing in Game Development. However, some of the original content (including the design) survived via The Wayback Machine. Click the button below to view the archived sample.


TruTower was founded in 2012 as a website devoted to news about the United Kingdom’s international carrier Truphone. However, it quickly expanded to covering international communication and social networking apps and websites. TruTower continues this today.


WebScorch provides website hosting services, domain registration, professional email, shopping cart tools, an industry-leading website builder, and a suite of other web-related services. WebScorch’s modern logo and icon were designed by Brian Whiting, while the website was designed by me.

Well Prepared

Well Prepared’s mission is to provide families and communities with emergency preparedness products that their customers seek and the value and customer service they deserve. Founded in 2015, Well Prepared also expanded into a brick and mortar store chain and its online retail business continues to thrive.

Yahoo! and Yahoo! Voices

Yahoo! Voices was an article publication platform that allowed writers and SEO specialists to publish web-based content on various topics for publication across the Yahoo! network. Yahoo! folded the service into its other news services and was eventually bought out by Verizon Communications. Due to an existing agreement with the company, I chose to remove my content from Yahoo! for later republication on