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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is
A: is the official web site of author, web/graphic designer, and eCommerce Marketing Manager Josh Robert Nay. In addition to being the author of A Lover’s Garden, My American Revolution, and a number of additional books, short stories, and poems, Josh is a professional web and graphic designer for many major websites including,,, and
Q: How can I enlist Josh Robert Nay’s professional services for my own website?
A: Use the social networks or contact link located at the bottom left of this website to get in touch.
Q: What is the pricing for non-business individuals?
A: Please check web design individual pricing.
Q: What is the pricing for business web services?
A: View our web design pricing for business.
Q: Do you have a fan club?
A: No, at this time there is no author fan club. Josh does not feel the need to have one at this time. However, you can become a fan on Facebook, add Josh Robert Nay to your Circles on Google+, and follow his tweets on Twitter by using the links at the bottom left of this website.
Q: Does this site have a mobile version?
A: Yes! Simply point your mobile browser to and you will be given instant access to the mobile version, where you can read short stories and poems, view Josh’s portfolio, purchase books, get inside information, share via social networks, and more!
Q: I received SPAM from your website. What can I do to stop it?
A: We never send out spam or unsolicited commercial email. Since the author site does not currently have a newsletter or any service that proactively sends out notifications (aside from the RSS feeds provided by third parties that you must subscribe to yourself), the most likely cause is that people are “spoofing” our contact information for their spam mail. In other words, they’re sending email from their own servers, but make it look like it’s coming from
Because people can both “spoof” the email address and the name of the originating server, the best resource to use to determine the ACTUAL source is available for free at – just do a whois lookup (put the IP address in the text field at the top right of the site and click “Search Whois”), you’ll have all of the information and you can send the email to the proper regulators.
The internet is (at best) a shady place. In the United States, the FTC is working to remove spammers violating the new laws, such as spoofing addresses, but the only way they can do their job is if we all do a bit to catch these devious individuals.

  → Visit the FTC’s website

For countries outside the U.S., contact your government representative to see what you can do to help stop SPAM.
Q: What happened to the Author Forums?
A: The former Author Forums provided by Lefora were locked to new members and posts when the new version of the author site came into being. While the forums had their benefits, they seemed to be more of a burden than they were worth at the time and were subsequently removed with the new design. That being said, there is a possibility that forums will become part of the website again someday, but those plans are not currently in the works.
Q: Does have a privacy policy?
A: Yes! The privacy policy is updated periodically to coincide with changing laws and regulations. The most up-to-date version of the policy is always posted on

  → View the privacy policy

Q: Which web browser should I use when visiting this site?
A: The website should work with all web browsers. However, it is recommended that the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge be used for optimal website display and most dependable security.
Q: How can I make a comment or a suggestion for
A: Contact us by clicking the contact link at the bottom left of the site.
Q: How can I order Josh Robert Nay books through my local bookstore?
A: Simply go to the books page and obtain the following information to take with you to provide to the store clerk:

  1. Book Title (i.e. A Lover’s Garden)
  2. Author (Josh Robert Nay)
  3. ISBN (found on the top of each book’s description page and below each cover on the Books page)

Q: Why did you become a writer?
A: “It’s what I feel I was born to do. When I would watch a movie or read a book, I was always fascinated with running different scenarios through my mind, asking ‘what if this happened instead?’ It’s that ‘what if?’ question that drives creativity, and it’s that creativity that drives me to do what I do.”
Q: Where do you get your ideas?
A: “The simplest way to put this? Everywhere!”
Q: Will you accept my story ideas?
A: “While I have enough of my own ideas to keep me writing for a very long time, I do on occasion accept reader ideas, so long as it’s known that if an idea is accepted for use, the reader’s(s’) name(s) will be mentioned in the Author’s Note of the book in which the idea was used.”
(Ideas can be submitted through the contact link at the top of this page)
Q: I need an agent or publisher. Can you refer me to one?
A: “Actually no. There are legal issues involved with that. However, I can recommend that you take a look at the Writer’s Market or maybe Literary Market Place. Depending on your style, you’re sure to find a few options there.”
Q: How can I find out if you’re going to be doing any special public appearances or book signings?
A: Events have been listed on the website in the past, but rather than list the events on the author site, which can cause problems for the bookstore in which the event will be held, the decision has been made to allow the bookstores to do their own local advertising. This way, they can be more prepared and more easily capable of hosting the event.
Q: What is Josh Robert Nay’s email address?
A: Josh has no public email address and we do not give out his personal email address. Messages can be sent via the contact link at the top of the page.
Q: Is there an audio book or ebook version of Seeds of the Future or A Lover’s Garden?
A: There is not an audio book nor an ebook version of any book in Josh’s Seeds of the Future series at this time. There has been talk of doing both, but nothing has been announced as of yet.
However, you can request an Amazon Kindle version or a Barnes & Noble Nook version directly from the publisher from either or Amazon. See the book pages for the links to these stores. On their pages, you should find the “request” links.
Q: I heard that I can send the author a book and he’ll autograph it for me. Is this true?
A: Josh does not currently accept books in the mail for signing. He signs books at official book signings and press events, but has no plans to start accepting books for autographing through the mail at this time.