A Lover's Garden

A Collection of Love Poems
A Lover's Garden, love poems, Valentine's Day poetry

ISBN: 978-1448959389
Poetry Anthology
Format: Paperback
87 Pages


Love. It’s a complicated emotion. An often misunderstood emotion. Love digs trenches in the soul far deeper and far more complex than any other emotion. The resulting garden growing from these trenches has seemingly magical capabilities, transforming and influencing everything in its wake. Losing this feeling can be equally transformational and influential. Poet Josh Robert Nay tries his hand at explaining and describing the enveloping phenomenon of love and loss in this collection, the second book in his Seeds of the Future series. Each poem echoes of a feeling that stands in the corridors of the heart, waiting for the right time to rise up and take hold. Once true love makes itself known to the world, the bearer of that feeling is never the same again. Love. Loss. These are the seeds of our personal growth, and a lover’s garden would never be complete without them.



Where did you go?
You ran away from me.
I need you.
I need your love.

My heart’s in a mess.
Pulsing and pounding, it ails.
You promised you would stay.
You’d never leave me.

We rode a merry-go-round,
A merry-go-round of dreams.
We did it together.
Don’t you remember?

You are staring at me blankly.
Baby, it’s me.
You don’t remember me at all?

I loved you.
I gave you my heart.
He took you from me.
He turned you cold, heartless.
Oh, so cold.

You’ve forgotten,
Forgotten our real true love.
Come back to the warmth.
Please come back to me.

Remember who you are,
Who we are together.
The love we shared.
Please remember the love.

Take my hand.
Let me guide you out,
Out into the glowing light.
Don’t wait for us to die.

We have one,
Just one final chance,
One final chance at forever.
Don’t let it slip away.

I keep looking for you
Waiting for you to come,
Come down the road to me.

Please come, I pray.
Oh, how I love you.

I Let Go Of The Wheel

I let go of the wheel.
Flames of destiny erupt.
I look at you,
Reminded of the love so true.
What you’ve done:
Everything, anything, and nothing,
Is what I love most of all.

Your scream pierces the night sky.
I wrap my arms around you,
Catching you forty floors high.
I look at you.
You’ve changed me in so many ways.
And I know you’d say,
It was all for me.

Winds of change blow,
Our course shifts, our wheels turn,
But together we’ll ride high or low.
I will not stray from your side.
For you to fall to your death
Would mean my own demise.

I know not what will happen
As our destiny is driven forth,
But for a lifetime we may be strongly bound,
With eternal love and endless appeal,
All because you told me softly, sternly, sweetly,
“My love, let go of the wheel.”

Eternal Valentine

A heart has been formed carefully,
With silent hands of silken grace,
Filled to the brim with chocolate
Wrapped sweetly with words of lace.

For my eternal
Valentine …

I am awestruck by love aplenty,
And my beautiful lover’s face
As she weaves my heart to her own
With hands of silent silken grace.

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