Josh Robert Nay was born in Gunnison, Utah on November 15, 1984, the second son in a family that included five children. He was raised in the nearby city of Richfield until the age of 8, when his family relocated to St. George, Utah. At this age, Josh began exploring his love for reading through the Book It! program. Josh relocated to two different schools within the next two years.

At age 10, Josh relocated again to the small town of Beryl, Utah, where he attended elementary school at Escalante Valley Elementary. His reading and writing aspirations began taking hold at this time, thanks to the support of the school’s principal Richard M. Webster. These aspirations grew through the years and he wrote his first long novel in 1996 at the age of 11, beginning his road to becoming an author.

He then began attending high school at Enterprise High School in Enterprise, Utah on August 18, 1997. During his time in high school, which was a 7-12 grade high school, Josh read and wrote fluently, often encasing himself in the works of authors such as Ray Bradbury, Terry Brooks, Stephen King, Piers Anthony, and Terry Goodkind, before devoting his time to his own work. Josh was also a journalist and editor for his high school newspaper, THE PAW PRINT, for two years up until he graduated from high school on May 23, 2003.

Josh attended Dixie State College of Utah starting in August 2003. Here, he found a new love for acting, starring in roles such as “The Officer” in a production of the play Tartuffe and then later as both Don Antonio and a comedic reinvention of Callis in Aphra Behn’s The Rover.

Also in 2003, he began compiling all the poetry and short stories that would eventually appear in his Seeds of the Future poetry and short story collection nearly three years later. Josh continued in college through 2006 before leaving upon a decision to change his educational goals to another profession. During this time, on March 8, 2006, Seeds of the Future, Josh’s first anthology, was published.

Josh moved to Manhattan, Kansas in June 2006, where he lived and worked for over two and a half years. It was during this time that he embraced a new career in customer management while working for a call center down the street from his apartment. Josh planned on attending Kansas State University, but the economy began going sour in 2008 and he returned to Utah shortly after the launch of his first author website, dubbed space15. Josh continued his work with customer management while keeping his writing goals in mind.

During 2008 and 2009, Josh did very little writing, instead concentrating most of his efforts on developing his career in customer management. It was also during this time that Josh committed to returning to college as soon as his career was stable enough to support the return.

Then, almost out of the blue, was launched officially on September 22, 2009, shortly after the announcement of publication of at least two major novels by 2013.

A Lover’s Garden, the second book in Josh’s Seeds of the Future series,was released in May 2010 as scheduled. In addition, he has announced at least two more additions to the series.

Josh Robert Nay is the founder, owner and Editor-in-Chief of mobile tech news website TruTower as well as the owner and Editor-in-Chief of Windows news site 1800Pocket/PC. He is also a former Contributing Writer for His work has appeared on the now-defunct That Gaming Site, Hispanic Network Magazine, Suite101, and numerous other publications and websites.

While continuing his writing career, Josh is also an aspiring violinist and is also the Ecommerce Marketing Manager of Health and Medical Sales, Inc. He currently lives in southwestern Utah.