A Lazy Day, Perfect for Writing

Writing is fun on any day, but it’s especially fun on a day when you’re just relaxing and you have nothing to do except watch old episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” on Netflix while you’re cooking some pasta and putting off doing the laundry for another week of hard work.

Today I’ve been working a little on my upcoming rerelease of Seeds of the Future, a book that, as you all know, is no longer in print as of 2013.

I haven’t really discussed the release much, in part because I’m not sure what the final project is going to be. The first release was a collection of both short stories and poetry but I think I’m going to go short stories only this time. Those who own the original book won’t recognize some of the stories, as they’ve been largely reworked. I’ll have more details on this later.

I hope everyone is enjoying this weekend. Let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram how you’re spending it!

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Why I’m Voting for Donald Trump

Today is a special day (Iowa caucus day. Party!) so I thought I’d get political one more time and share my opinion on the election so far. While I am an Independent who in most cases in the past has leaned toward Democrats, I must say that this time, I have changed my tune a little. A lot of this has to do with people who don’t know how to do research for themselves and believe the out-of-context, spun, and crazy lies of the liberal media.

In light of today’s events, I’d like to share a recent discovery I made about most supporters of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. And yes, these are opinions, but they are based on research into facts, some sources of which I’ve linked to in this post. Okay, here we go:

  1. Most of their supporters are voting based on party lines, not for who they really think is the best.
  2. A great many are so hopelessly dependent on the government that they’ll do anything they can to defend it. This includes the promise of free government handouts such as free healthcare and college tuition. Why people don’t want to work for themselves anymore is beyond me and is, frankly, quite sad.
  3. Many tend to think cops are inherently racist when they themselves support racist political groups created on lies (i.e. Black Lives Matter created over a cop defending himself against a thief). We shouldn’t be focused on race here. We should be united together regardless of skin color and concentrated instead on keeping our country safe and strong. United we stand, divided we fall, remember? And for those of you who bring up the fallacy that Donald Trump is racist, He’s NOT. Just realize that if he really was a racist, he would not have been able to become a world class businessman nor be able to build his properties all over the world as he as done.
  4. They want to allow anyone to come into the country illegally and get all the benefits therein. Because, let’s face it, the world is a perfect place, full of rainbows and gumdrops, and there are no such things as drug cartels or terrorists that might come in, too. Even though aprehended illegals has dropped recently (some say because the government stopped trying to stop them so they could have more Democrat voters), why take the chance?
  5. They think crazy shit like Bernie Sanders, who is quoted as saying “terrorism is a direct result of global warming”. WTF…
  6. Despite the destruction, death, and pain that Hillary Clinton has directly caused, to say nothing of her emails, people want to vote for her just because she’s a woman. Ugh.
  7. They don’t realize that we need a successful businessman in office who can get us out of the $19 trillion in debt. Not a politician who’s going to continue selling us down the river.
  8. They buy the Democrats’ bullshit numbers (a 5% unemployment rate? Really? 100 million Americans is 5%? Yeeeeeaaaah, that doesn’t sound like political BS at all…) Here’s the real stat.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube that explains very well other reasons I support Donald Trump in the election. It’s well worth a watch and a share.

And there you have it. Have fun during the caucus, Iowa! The country will be watching intently.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: A Lover’s Garden gift basket

Gift baskets keep on giving

If you’ve been wondering what to get your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, you can always go with the gift basket approach. Gift baskets let you give something that’s both practical and low-cost, while giving something that will last for a very long time.

Below, I’ve listed some items that you can include in your Valentine’s Day gift basket. I also recommend including a copy of A Lover’s Garden in the basket as shown in the image above. Doing so will give her over 100 poems to enjoy all year long.

A Lover’s Garden gift basket items

    • 1 copy of A Lover’s Garden
    • 10oz soothing lotion
    • 2oz lotion
    • 2oz or 10oz bath gel
    • mesh sponge
    • spa towel
    • scrub brush
    • lavender soap bar
    • a beautifully scented drawer sachet
    • two votive candles and glass holder
    • a Soy Jar Candle
    • Cucumber body scrub
    • relaxing music CD
    • bath pillow

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